Holistic Expressive Arts Therapist Trauma Specialist

Guiding Transformative Healing with a Heart-centered, Holistic Approach

Welcome, gentle Warrior Spirit!

If you’re reading this, you’re likely a sharp-minded, fierce soul with a big heart who might be feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and exhausted. To the world, you may seem fine, but under the surface, you deal with low-grade anxiety and a belief that you’re not “good enough,” no matter what you do.

Maybe you’re experiencing burnout from pushing yourself too hard, or perhaps you sense that you’ve internalized a belief of unworthiness, a legacy passed down through generations of trauma. Even if you see your patterns and have done ‘the work,’ true relief can still feel elusive.

Regardless of what brought you to this point, know that your intuition led you here for a reason.

As a love-centric, LatinX therapist with a playful inner child, I know firsthand that healing these patterns is not only possible, but it can even be uplifting and playful. So, welcome. It’s time to let your badass Self shine!

What is Holistic Trauma Therapy?

Holistic therapy is like tending to a garden, where each aspect of your being—mind, body, and spirit—is nurtured to bloom into its fullest potential. It’s about finding balance in all areas of life. 

I believe that the magic happens when we give attention to every part of who you are to find that sweet inner balance.

I personalize my approach based on what works best for you. That means I use a mix of approaches, including expressive arts therapy, mindfulness, inner child healing, and body-based/somatic techniques. I also incorporate neuroscientific methods, like EMDR and Brainspotting, to help bridge the gap between the brain, body, and emotions.



Angela Luna, Holistic Art and Mindfulness Therapist welcomes you to learn more about how mindfulness therapy can support you to heal, anxiety, trauma and stress.





I am blessed beyond words to have found Luna at the very beginning of my healing journey. I cannot express enough how beautifully my life has changed. The tools she has given me have helped me to improve in every aspect of my life and relationships. My home is happy and healthy, I am self-employed and have streamlined my business practices and strengthened my relationships with clients, friends and family.”

– S.R., San Francisco, California

Luna grasps the situation even before I explain it, without judging it. But she never assumes she knows everything, I am not a fan of know-it-all therapists. Instead, you find yourself being understood as if you are a great book and she has read this book before. She can pick up signs and make connections that perhaps you had not made because she can often intuit more than I am able to share. Luna can put words to what I feel when my mind fails to do so and my heart is swollen. You don’t want someone to speak for you unless they can do it well, but better yet, she can lead you into saying your own truth with your own words.

– Belle, Sacramento, California

I could not sing her praises highly enough. Luna is one of those people who brings with her a sense of calm, understanding, confidence, and professionalism that is rare to see all in one person. When she joins a conversation or enters a space, it takes only moments to recognize these qualities and appreciate how that translates to her care for all aspects of the work that she does. I have had the opportunity to see her in many roles: therapist, trainer, supervisor, collaborator, and colleague. She shines in all of them through her personality, professionalism, creativity, and hard work.

– C Langsdale, Hayward, California

When I first met with Luna, I struggled to rediscover my creative and artistic side. I thought I had lost the ability to do art: drawing, painting, or writing. Luna provided creative prompts and a non-judgemental and safe space where I was able to embrace my creativity, allowing myself to follow the whim of the moment, enjoying the journey of just making art. There was no pressure or trying to please anyone but myself. I could find my own inner voice. It feels really good to find that!

– B.P., San Francisco

“It’s special to make the time that you need to set aside to nourish your soul. As women we spend so much of our lives caring for others. Luna has helped me see the importance of caring for myself. I feel more aware of my own needs. I listen to my body now. I check in with myself more than I ever have.”
– M.K., Sacramento

“If you feel like you’ve lost the connection with your creativity, Luna can and will light the spark.”
-K.C., San Francisco/Bay Area

“I am more aware of my internal battles, more aware of my triggers, and have more tools to manage overwhelming emotions.”
-K.M., San Francisco/Bay Area


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