Holistic Trauma Therapist Transformational Coach

Guiding Transformative Healing with a Heart-centered, Holistic Approach

Glad You’re Here!

If you’re seeking a moment of respite or a significant transformation, know that you’ve found a safe and understanding space and you’ve come to the right person.

I get it – you’ve put in the hard work, confronting challenging thoughts, unwanted habits, and past traumas, yet it feels like true joy and peace are just beyond your grasp. It’s okay. You’re ready now to release what’s been holding you back and elevate your life.

I believe it shouldn’t be so tough. You deserve to feel genuinely good, express who you are fully, and embrace a deep, nurturing self-love.

Together, let’s co-create the life your soul yearns for – a life that you don’t just endure but one that you authentically live and love.

I am blessed beyond words to have found Luna at the very beginning of my healing journey. I cannot express enough how beautifully my life has changed. The tools she has given me have helped me to improve in every aspect of my life and relationships. My home is happy and healthy, I am self-employed and have streamlined my business practices and strengthened my relationships with clients, friends and family.”

– S.R., California

Welcome to the Holistic Trauma Healing Deck: A Path to Thriving After Trauma! I’m Luna, the creator and heart behind this transformative deck. The deck draws from the most powerful tools that I have used with my clients over the last decade and a half. This deck embodies the passion and care I’ve poured into my work, offering you a tangible, flexible, and lovingly designed resource for holistic trauma recovery. It addresses healing not only thoughts and the mind but also the body, emotions, and soul.

Comprising 88 cards divided into four sections, the Holistic Trauma Healing Deck offers comprehensive support on your healing journey. It can help you gain clarity on the trauma-related symptoms, improve emotional regulation, and empower you to discover your path towards greater personal growth and thriving.