Holistic Expressive Arts Therapist 

Co-creating a life you love through Mindfulness-based Expressive Arts Therapy and Creative Coaching.

Glad You’re Here!

If you need a breath, a break, the fog lifted from an anxious and worried mind, you’re in the right place.

In this unprecedented time, you may be dealing with painful anxiety, negative thoughts, body tension and reliving past traumas, all keeping you from your joy and peace.  

It doesn’t have to be so hard.

You can live free of constant fear, discomfort and the aching sense that something is terribly wrong. You can move beyond the pain, gain effective tools and connect to your true self with compassion. I offer a deep, creative approach to healing that incorporates research based methods, mind-body approaches and love.

Let’s work together to help you peel away the muck, connect to your true self and unearth a life you truly love!!

I am blessed beyond words to have found Luna at the very beginning of my healing journey. I cannot express enough how beautifully my life has changed. The tools she has given me have helped me to improve in every aspect of my life and relationships. My home is happy and healthy, I am self-employed and have streamlined my business practices and strengthened my relationships with clients, friends and family.”

– S.R., California