Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.”
Maya Angelou


My intention on this page is to gift you a piece of myself to share from afar, offering from free therapy courses to the complimentary version of my holistic healing card deck. May it mark the beginning of a beautiful journey.

Free Sample Deck: Holistic Trauma Healing

Discover more than 50 pages packed with insightful content, featuring 10 unique cards, thought-provoking journal prompts, and complimentary BONUS meditation sessions. Dive into this complimentary deck and journal sampler to delve into the transformative journey of holistic trauma healing, equipped with essential tools for your path to recovery!

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Soul Restore: Discovering Your True Fulfillment In Life

In this free Module, Luna shares her tools for discovering what truly fulfills you on a deep soul level. You will learn how to use the Life-Fulfillment Wheel to get clarity on what’s most important to you and prioritize your time to reflect what you truly value.
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Trauma-Informed Mindfulness: FREE Guide & Meditation

In this free guide & meditation, Luna shares how to create a trauma-informed mindfulness practice for you and/or your clients. Also, you will gain tools and resources for enjoying a trauma-informed mindfulness practice that works for you!
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Trauma-Informed Mindfulness: FREE Mini-Course

Learn Tools, Practices and Tips So You Can Start Your Trauma-Informed Mindfulness Practice Today!


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