EMDR in Oakland

“Trauma is hell on earth.
Trauma resolved is a gift from the gods.”
-Peter A. Levine

Feeling Trapped in a Cycle of Stress and Strain?

Navigating through the lingering effects of trauma, the relentless grip of anxiety, or the intricate web of relationship challenges can morph each day into an arduous climb. These encounters often leave you feeling isolated, misconstrued, and ensnared in a loop of anguish. You’re not simply yearning for relief, but for a profound and enduring shift—a means to flip the script and embark on a fresh chapter where these trials no longer dictate your narrative.

EMDR in Oakland therapy emerges as a beacon of hope for individuals grappling with similar struggles, offering a pathway beyond the anguish and a blueprint for reshaping your past, inhabiting your present, and embracing your future with renewed optimism.

Could EMDR Be Your Way Forward?

Certainly. If you feel trapped in a cycle of stress, hurt, or tough times, know you’re not alone. The journey towards healing might seem uncertain, but EMDR acts as a guiding light.

By diminishing the intensity of memories, EMDR can make difficult days more manageable, allowing space for healing. It harnesses your brain’s natural healing capacities, offering a route out of stagnation. So, could EMDR pave your way forward? Probably. 

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What Is EMDR Therapy?

EMDR, or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, is a therapy method backed by research to address trauma and memories. Essentially, EMDR acknowledges how traumatic experiences can linger, impacting daily life.

It employs an eight-phase approach involving recalling distressing images while receiving bilateral sensory input. This aids your brain’s natural healing process, reducing lingering effects.

Instead of reliving trauma, EMDR helps you view memories with detachment, easing intense emotions attached to them. The aim is emotional healing for a fulfilling life.

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Since its development by Francine Shapiro in the late ’80s, EMDR gained recognition for treating PTSD and anxiety, endorsed by esteemed organizations.

Benefits of EMDR Therapy

Understanding the profound impact of trauma and emotional distress, EMDR therapy offers a comprehensive approach to healing and recovery.


  • Addresses various emotional and psychological challenges like trauma/PTSD, anxiety, depression, and attachment disorders effectively.
  • Particularly beneficial for navigating through deeply distressing life events such as childhood neglect, physical abuse, and sexual assault.
  • Helps individuals cope with loss, military combat experiences, serious health crises, vehicular accidents, and domestic violence.
  • Aids in healing from sudden, harmful incidents involving oneself or loved ones, offering relief and promoting emotional well-being.

EMDR isn’t just about addressing past trauma; it can also strengthen emotional resources, fostering confidence and self-esteem.

Preparing for a future event? EMDR is effective, helping you experience a positive result and “live into” the sense of success.

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EMDR, Trauma & The Brain

Unresolved trauma memories often lead to various emotional hurdles. Seeking relief from these distressing experiences, individuals turn to therapies like EMDR in Oakland for healing. This therapeutic approach aids in accessing and reprocessing traumatic memories, kickstarting the brain’s innate healing mechanisms.

When confronted with trauma, the brain stores information and issues cautionary signals, aiming to protect against future distress. However, this perpetual cycle can be draining, leading to persistent tension and unease. Symptoms like irritability and forgetfulness become commonplace, accompanied by haunting memories.

Over time, these symptoms become normalized responses ingrained within the mind-body framework. EMDR in Oakland intervenes by reconnecting the brain with initial trauma events, fostering understanding, processing, and eventual healing. Through this therapy, individuals can reclaim their lives and find relief from the burden of unresolved trauma.

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Once you properly process the memories, your brain can then turn off the danger signals and move forward from being stuck in the past.

Liberated from the brain’s danger alarm, you find relief, no longer haunted by the past, paving the way for self-determined living.

What to Expect from EMDR Therapy

Should you opt for EMDR Therapy, we’ll embark on its structured eight-phase process, targeting specific issues of concern to you. Ahead of each session, I’ll equip you with supportive resources, ensuring you feel adequately prepared and empowered for the upcoming session.

During our 50 to 90-minute sessions, we’ll concentrate on addressing identified memories or issues using EMDR techniques. These may involve bilateral stimulation through eye movements, sounds, or taps, guided by me. Throughout the session, I’ll guide you to remain attentive to emerging thoughts, feelings, or beliefs related to the targeted memory. Bilateral stimulation will continue until the distress associated with the memory decreases.

Your active participation is crucial, and you’re encouraged to pause or stop at any time if necessary. Before concluding each session, we’ll conduct a body scan or other self-assessment to ensure you feel grounded and ready to resume your daily activities.

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